The fee payed to NAGEL BERLIN IMMOBILIEN after conclusion a notarized purchase argeement in the amount of 5,95 % of the purchase price (incl. VAT).

Terms and conditions

  1. All information including data regarding the objects are meant solely for the customers. Thereby, it is prohibited to pass over to third parties any information or data without express approval of the Agent made in written form. Violation of this obligation and conclusion of the conctract between the customer and third party or parties on the basis of the information that was passed over by the Agent to the customer makes the latter obliged to pay agreed commission fee (incl. VAT) to the Agent.
  2. The Agent acts in behalf of both the Seller and the Buyer.
  3. The Agent points out that the information concerning the objects given by the Seller or his authorised representatives are not checked by the Agent for its accuracy. This is customers’ business to check it. The Agent assumes only the information that he forwards.
  4. Commission fee are to be payed after conclusion of the notarized purchase agreement or rental agreement. The commission claim is not affected even if instead of originally intended bargain another one was achieved (rental agreement instead of purchase or vice versa), as far as economic outcome of the Agent does not substantially deflect from the original offer.
  5. Agent’s liability is limited to gross negligence or willful conduct, if the customer did not suffer physical injury or lose his life.
  6. Limitation period for all damage claims of the customer against the Agent is 3 years. It begins at the time, when the action that entailed such compensation obligation was commited. In case law sets shorter limitation peiod for damage claims for the Agent, they must be applied.
  7. If the Agent and the Customer are businessmen within the meaning of Commercial code, the place of performance of contract and court examination is agreed to be the place, where the Agent has its headquarters. Nullity of one of the above mentioned provisions does not involve nullity of the other provisions. The same applies to a situation where only part of the provision is void. Invalid provision is to be replaced by another by agreement between the parties, that does not change the economic interest of the parties and is not inconsistent with other provisions and arrangements.

Showroom Berlin

Potsdamer Straße 61
10785 Berlin

Phone: +49(0)30 240 876 066



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